Stazione Chademo/CCS/Tipo 2 fino a 50kW

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EV DC FAST CHARGING STATION (CHAdeMO + CCS, or +Type 2 AC) SAFE, FAST AND RELIABLE CCS CHAdeMO 50KW EV charging station is Combined with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2 and Type 2 Fast charging Station. That can be fit for all CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 Electric Cars. SETEC Power 50kW DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as less than 10 minutes to get up to 80% of its capacity. SETEC combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles. Its multi-protocol design allows for easy tailoring to support CHAdeMO and CCS standards for DC fast charging applications. Payment & billing platform solutions enable easy and secure payments via station payment terminals and RFID crd. FEA TURES Built-in safety measures User friendly interface Flexible multi-protocol design CHAdeMO and CCS protocol compatible TYPE2 AC Charger 43Kw OCPP1.5 Durable enclosure Wide temperature range: -25oC to +55oC Data management and metering options APPLICA TIONS Service station operators Public corridor charging along the highways Busy urban areas Commercial fleet operators EV Infrastructure operators and EVSE providers Technical specificationsSystem DC fast-charging station BMS Communication CAN2.0 [CHAdeMO]/ PLC [Combo] Charging Plugs CHAdeMO and CCS / Type 2 . Cooling Forced Ventilation Display 7 inch LED Touch Screen Operating temperature -25oC to +55oC Storage temperature -40oC to +70oC Relative humidity 20% to 95% Environment Indoor / outdoor Input:AC power connection 3P + PE Input voltage range 305-520 VAC (3 phase) Frequency 40-65HZ Power factor 0.99 Current THD ?2.5% Input under-voltage protection Yes Output Output voltage (50-500Vdc) Output power 50KW Output over-current ,over load protection Yes Output short- circuit protection Yes High temperature protection Grounding protection

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